Board Certified In Plastic Surgery

When you are seeking Board Certified in plastic surgery, you are probably wondering if the board certification is really necessary. Beware that many doctors who are not actually Board Certified in plastic surgery may say just ‘Board Certified’, without specifying by which they were certified. They can advertise plastic surgery but only to hold a Master of Medicine in other areas, like General Surgery or OB/Gyn, or even DermatologiC Surgery, or maybe just cosmetic surgery.

There is no question that the board will verify the credentials and experience of an individual who is Board Certified in plastic surgery. This will be done by the board itself – with the assistance of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS). The ABPS is an organization of doctors in the United States that has been granted approval to certify doctors for the purposes of licensing.

The qualifications required of the surgeon’s credentials will vary according to the field that he/she practices. An example would be plastic surgery in breast augmentation – which will differ greatly from that of plastic surgeons specializing in ear reconstruction or rhinoplasty. But regardless of the specialty, the surgeon’s credentials must be in line with the standards of the field that he/she practices. While there are some surgeons who specialize in one or two specialties, many plastic surgeons can claim to have done more than a handful of procedures under their belt, as well.

You may have a friend or family member who is Board Certified in plastic surgery. These people may have undergone plastic surgery themselves and can give you the general idea about whether or not their qualifications are up to par. Keep in mind though that many people who claim to be Board Certified do not practice in a hospital setting. In order to be certified by the ABPS, the person must practice in a medical facility that specializes in plastic surgery and have conducted at least 500 plastic surgeries over a five-year period. Some doctors may not need this amount of time to practice – but it does help to have the certification on your side if you need to seek out board certified surgeons for your cosmetic procedure.

As a consumer, you can learn a great deal about plastic surgery through online resources. These resources will be able to tell you what each plastic surgery board certified doctor does and what the qualifications are – but also tell you whether or not they have had plastic surgery or performed any of the cosmetic procedures listed above.

Once you find Santa Monica Board Certified surgeons, you can schedule an initial consultation with them to see how they perform their surgery and the procedures that they offer. Be sure to ask questions so you can get an idea of how the doctor performs in their field. You want to be able to trust the physician that you select when you have plastic surgery. The information that you receive from the consultation is also important – so be sure to gather all of this information, including the doctor’s previous work, reputation, and credentials.

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