Fix Parsec Error 15000 when Connecting to Host

Parsec allows users to remotely connect to other PCs for gaming. However, some Parsec users may encounter Parsec error 15000 on host computers.

This is what the complete error message looks like:

We couldn’t initialize the hosting functionality on the computer you’re connecting to. Try changing the monitor Parsec is capturing in hosting settings or check out this support article for more information. Code: -15000

In today’s guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to finally fix this problem. So keep reading.

Check if your GPU is supported!

This is the most common problem. If your GPU is not supported, none of these solutions will help you and you will need a new GPU or computer to host. If your GPU is supported, continue below.

Update your graphics driver

Drivers are continually updated to reflect new technology developments and to resolve known issues. If you are using an outdated graphics driver, Parsec can discuss the error.

  • Update your Windows operating system by logging into an administrator account.
  • Open your graphics card manufacturer’s website.
  • Find drivers for your video card.
  • Download and install the newly updated driver.
  • Then run Parsec to check if it works correctly.
  • If your system has integrated video cards, update the driver as well.
  • If you are using AMD APU, lower the resolution in your hosting settings to 1280×800 or less (on Windows). Start Parsec and see if it works correctly.

Disable streaming apps

  • Right-click on the taskbar to select Task Manager.
  • Select the Process tab.
  • Right-click on the streaming application listed under Applications and select End Task.
  • Disable any streaming applications listed under Background Processes.

Check if something else is using your encoder

Disable / close NVIDIA Shadowplay, Xbox DVR / Game Bar, VNC, or other game streaming apps and see if the issue is resolved.

Nvidia Shadowplay is a GeForce Experience option called Share. If you don’t have GeForce Experience, this doesn’t apply to you. If you are unable to share, check if your GPU is supported and update your drivers.

Xbox DVR is an option in the Windows Settings app under the Capture Games category. it is called Background Image.