Learn how to play basic boxing betting at the dealer

Boxing, also known as boxing, is a sport with very tough resistance. Boxing matches are always awaited by a large number of audiences in the world. Therefore, the demand for betting on this sport is also increasing as well as football. Join linkw88moinhat.com to learn about how to play boxing betting in the article below!

What is boxing betting?

Boxing betting is betting on certain odds; The odds are given by the dealer depending on the specific match. In professional competitions, it is often divided into many classes of boxers to compete; Each match has a maximum of 12 innings. A match will be divided for victory or defeat when a gladiator is knocked out or scored by the referee at the end of the match.

Thanks to the strong resistance in each boxing match today; boxing is admired by many people around the world. This leads to tournaments being held more often with new punchers every year.

Basic boxing betting rules at W88

In the event of a match being postponed then all bets placed will still be considered if the match is rescheduled within 14 days.

All bets will be considered void if the money line is selected and the boxing match ends in a tie.

When the bell for the first round is ringed then all bets on the match will start. When 1 or both boxers make a foul right from the start of the match all bets placed by the player will be void.

Winning the knockout round includes 2 cases of technical knock-out or 1 of 2 fighters being disqualified in that match.

Basic way of playing boxing betting

Boxing betting at W88 as well as many other sports have certain odds.

Money Line Money Line betting

This is a simple and popular bet style; ie bet on the winner of the match. In this type of bet, the player has to really understand the puncher they bet in order to increase their chances of winning.

Over / under betting is a form of betting on total points

This bet is based on the number of rounds played and over it is the total number of points; most all multiplayer boxing matches along with bets will also last about 10 to 12 innings. Therefore the total number of used rounds is usually given as 7 or 8. If it is 8 then many players will bet whether the matches will be finished either before or after in that 8th round.

Parlay betting

Parlay betting is a bet on a single ticket that results in a full win; This means that if there is any draw during the round, the player will also lose all bets. But if the first half knocked out, then surely the player would win.

This bet is rated as the most high risk bet type; but potentially most profitable for the participant. At the same time, this bet is usually a bet on the top fists and the top fists to have knockout matches.

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Draw bets

A tie is a boxing bet that usually has fewer players to join; however, some bookmakers still apply. This bet is a bet on a comparison where the end result is a draw; but this kind of bet is very risky; Because there are usually very few draws in boxing.

To play well on boxing odds; Players need to carefully learn information about the puncher as well as experience playing effectively at the bookmaker.